Techniques & Programs

Therapeutic interventions by the highly qualified SPEECH PATHways staff cover a broad spectrum of services. We take more traditional speech-language services to the next level, using the most advanced techniques that best suit your child's needs. Our specialized pediatric programs provide creative approaches to social skill deficits that easily engage children at their developmental level. This impressive range of services is backed by our helpful support groups to guide you down the road to success.



Our therapists are certified and trained in a range of methods and specialty techniques so that we can individualize your child's treatment. Our therapists enjoy acquiring the knowledge and skills that make therapy successful and enjoyable.

Specialty Groups

SPEECH PATHways specialty groups allow kids to gain valuable social skills and form friendships while accomplishing therapeutic goals. Our groups meet in the water, in art studios, and on the stage to make the most of your child's creativity and energy.

Literacy Interventions

Every year counts when literacy is an issue. We offer options for complete assessments and evaluations as well as the latest interventions to help make up lost time or fill in the gaps.

Complementary Programs

SPEECH PATHways partners with occupational therapists, physical therapists, registered movement therapists, and music therapists as well as reading specialists, parent coaches, and tutors to complement speech-language therapy.


Feeding Clinic

We provide interventions for children who need help with feeding issues, whether they be picky or problem eaters or have difficulty transitioning to table foods or with textures.

Executive Function Coaching

The SPEECH PATHways team of qualified teachers and therapists is uniquely trained to identify executive function disorders and offer individual coaching to build successful life skills, from Grade School to Grad School!

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