Myofunctional Therapies

Our techniques and programs may be supported with complementary programs, provided onsite or with area practictioners in occupational therapy, physical therapy, and specialty therapies. Our highly qualified staff works together to map your best route to success.

THUMBS UP! Thumb Sucking Elimination Program

Thumb  or  finger   sucking  is   a  common sight among   babies  and small children. Infants  are born with a natural  urge  to  suck  their thumbs, which  usually decreases after  they  reach the  age  of   6 months. Some children, however, continue to suck their thumbs or fingers to soothe themselves. Thumb sucking can quickly  become  a  habit  in children who do so when they feel impatient, scared, hungry, tired, or bored.

The Thumbs Up! Thumb Sucking Elimination Program uses the power of positive reinforcement as a motivator, allowing your child to take charge of  breaking  his or her  own  habit  with  guidance  and  support  from  both  the  therapist and parents. The program creates a sense of self-satisfaction that quickly and effectively replaces the child’s thumb or finger sucking desire.
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Tongue Tips: Tongue Thrust Remediation Program

A tongue thrust is known by many names—reverse or immature swallow, orofacial muscle  dysfunction, or deviant  swallow  pattern. All  of  these  refer  to  the  resting posture of the tongue against the teeth and the pushing of the  tongue against  the teeth  during  a  swallow. Experts  estimate  that we swallow 500 to 1000 times a  day with between 4 and 8 pounds of pressure  per  swallow. This constant  pressure pushes  the  teeth out of place, causing an abnormal bite known as  malocclusion.

Through programs such as “Tongue Tips”, therapists work to re-train the muscles of the face and tongue for proper posture within the mouth and to correct the swallowing motion. Although consistent commitment is necessary for success, many patients are able to simply and effectively eliminate the
long-term  problems  associated  with   a  tongue  thrust – and  enjoy renewed health and self-confidence. These kind of results make  therapy that’s “easy to swallow.”
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Our Techniques & Programs...

Now offering the THUMBS UP! Thumb Sucking Elimination Program

SPEECH PATHways' trained staff helps clients overcome thumb sucking disorders.

TONGUE TIPS therapy to Eliminate Tongue Thrust

Our therapists are certified in this effective Simon Says Program

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