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The American Music Therapy Association defines Music Therapy as "an established healthcare profession that uses music to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages." Music therapy is said both to improve quality of life for persons who are well and to meet the needs of children and adults with disabilities or illnesses. Music therapy interventions can be creatively designed to meet specific, individual needs.
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MUSIC PATHways harmonizes fun music therapy experiences with speech therapy practices to help kids reach their potential. We've brought a fabulous music therapist on board and collaborate with a local children's musician to develop and deliver engaging musical experiences for kids of all abilities:

Music Therapy with Melissa

SPEECH PATHways offers the services of board-certified music therapist Melissa Ward to bring the power of music into your chid's life. An active member of the American Music Therapy Association, Melissa provides assessments, individual, and group classes and adaptive music lessons. She is skilled in piano, guitar, chorus, voice, and piano pedagogy. With her strong background in assessment and treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and and other developmental and cognitive delays, Melissa is a wonderful addition to the SPEECH PATHways team!
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Music with Monte

SPEECH PATHways has collaborated with Monte Leister, a local favorite on the chldren's music scene, to create a fun and engaging CD of children's music that will augment therapeutic goals by getting kids moving and vocalizing. Join our email list to get cd info and check out some of the sample tracks.
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SPRING SPECIAL: Boo! Radley Music CD is Half-Price!

Kids, parents and therapists have caught on to the debut music CD collaboration between Monte Leister and MUSIC PATHways. Now it can be yours for half-price!

MUSIC PATHways Composes New Avenues of Communication

Music therapy initiatives add another dimension of services for SPEECH PATHways clients.
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04.06.2009: Creators of Children's Book Pledge Sales to the SPEECH PATHways Foundation
Creators of a children's book about Autism and friendship have offered to donate $2.00 of every sale to the SPEECH PATHways Foundation.

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