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MUSIC PATHways takes SPEECH PATHways in directions that harmonize fun music therapy experiences with speech therapy practices to help clients reach their potential. Music Therapy addresses the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages, improving quality of life for persons who are well and meeting the needs of children and adults with disabilities or illnesses. Creatively designed interventions from MUSIC PATHways are innovative and fun musical options for enhancing communication and well-being!


Our Services

MUSIC PATHways serve children of all ages who are challenged with a variety of disorders (e.g., Aspberger's, Autism, speech delays). Interventions may also be tailored for adults with disorders or those just seeking wellness.
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Programs & Products

MUSIC PATHways offers individualized and group experiences in music and develops engaging support materials such as music CDs that help kids with speech development and processing issues.
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MUSIC PATHways is staffed with the highly qualified and diverse SPEECH PATHways staff, accompanied by the talents of a certified Music Therapist, a local musician, and additional musical resources.
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Something's always developing at MUSIC PATHways! Be sure check out the latest news and explore SPEECH PATHways resources. To receive emails about MUSIC PATHways resources and programs, join our email list now.
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