Complementary Programs

Our techniques and programs may be supported with complementary programs, provided onsite or with area practictioners in occupational therapy, physical therapy, and specialty therapies. Our highly qualified staff works together to map your best route to success.

SUCCESS FOR LIFE: Executive Function Coaching
SPEECH PATHways Executive Function Team
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SUCCESS FOR LIFE is an individualized program through which SPEECH PATHways clinicians coach clients to improve essential skills known as Executive Function processes that are critical to accomplishments across all areas of life. Individuals who lack Executive Function in one or more areas may be greatly challenged to complete projects on time, track more than one thing at once, retain information, engage with others, and learn. SPEECH PATHways executive function coaching draws from clinically proven strategies to bring lasting improvement in executive functioning and life skills.
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Sensory Integration Therapy/Occupational Therapy
OT Kidz, LLC
Julie Parsons, OTR/L, SIPT Certified

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OT Kidz, LLC—a local pediatric OT practice—offers pediatric OT services at the SPEECH PATHways clinic. Owner/operator Julie Parsons, OTR/L, is a certified Sensory Integration Occupational Therapist. Julie and her staff offer individual assessments, individual treatments and co-treatments with speech therapy at day and evening apppointments. Julie specializes in disorders including developmental delays/disorders, fine motor delays, autism spectrum disorders and sensory integration disorders.
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Certified Reading Specialist
Jocelyn Davey, M.A. [staff bio]

A Master's Level Certified Reading Specialist, Jocelyn Davey offers individual and group reading therapy using methods such as Lindamood-Bell (LIPS), Seeing Stars, Wilson, Orton-Gillingham, Phono-Graphix and other multi-sensory approaches to reading.

Interactive Metronome®

A cutting-edge neurological assessment and treatment tool, Interactive Metronome has long been known to redefine traditional expectations for children with Sensory Integration Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, non-verbal Learning Disorder, and ADD/ADHD. Through continued development, IM has been shown to enhance traditional therapy approaches and achieving measurably improved outcomes for a wide range of patients, improving attention and concentration, motor planning and sequencing, language processing, behavior (aggression and impulsivity), balance and gait, endurance, strength, motor skills, and coordination.
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Brain Gym®
Debi Betances [staff bio]
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Brain Gym activities can improve your child's ability to focus, process, and succeed at home and school. Successful brain function requires efficient connections across the neural pathways of the brain. Brain Gym benefits include improvements in learning, vision, expression, memory, and movement abilities, in young people as well as adults. Debi Betances is an enthusiastic and encouraging instructor of Brain Gym, yoga, and drama; she has recently joined SPEECH PATHways as coordinator of our ACT UP! summer program.
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Low-Tech Augmentative Communication

We use Picture Communication Exchange (PECS), Sign-Language, Gestural Systems, Visual Schedules, Communication Boards and Topic Boards to assist with communication.  In addition, SPEECH PATHways can integrate any assistive/augmentative communication device that the child may already have into the treatment program.

Our Techniques & Programs...

Now offering the THUMBS UP! Thumb Sucking Elimination Program

SPEECH PATHways' trained staff helps clients overcome thumb sucking disorders.

TONGUE TIPS therapy to Eliminate Tongue Thrust

Our therapists are certified in this effective Simon Says Program

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