Convenient, Accessible & Fun

SPEECH PATHways is conveniently located in Suite 206 of the Shoppes at Meadow Creek, along Route 140 in Westminster.

Our offices are designed to accommodate children of all ages. Amenities include:

  • Tables and chairs that adjust in height to fit each child
  • Spacious rooms that allow children to rotate between activities within the room and enjoy a play area for floor activities 
  • Designated treatment rooms for our larger social skills groups and/or adolescent clients
  • Designated and well-equipped computer room with wifi so that we may offer the latest advances in therapeutic interventions to our clients.

Our family-friendly, supportive environment allows our clients to transition more easily into treatment sessions and lets parents relax and socialize with other parents while they wait. Our offices offer:

  • A large, child safe, play area for clients and siblings to enjoy 
  • A large, comfortable waiting area for parents
  • A resource lending library
  • Parent information station with information regarding upcoming events, resources and parent training sessions.

With our recent expansion to a custom space, we conviently locate all services on ONE floor, from Speech Therapy to Occupational and Physical Therapy, Reading Therapy and Music Therapy!

Please contact us to schedule an office visit.

Click to tour our new offices!

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